CellPrint thin-layer preparations simplify and improve urine cytology

Urine cytology is complicated by the fact that urine is aggressive against cells, especially at higher temperatures and under transportation conditions. Therefore urine probes contains very often damaged cells especially in summertime, after a longer period between sample taking and preparation and/or transportation.

CellPrint allows to cope with these problems and provides the following advantages:

The preparation can be executed by the standard instrument, which is designed for the urine
...cytology. No other equipment is required.
The cell collection, concentration and deposition on the slide are processed in two short steps in
....about 2 minutes, because CellPrint replaces the cell concentration and collection by sedimentation
...or centrifugation and it replaces the preparation by cyto-centrifugation. Due to the simple process
...the cell collection and preparation, including the fixation, can be completed in a few minutes.
This way the CellPrint preparations can be transported anytime to the cyto-lab without any danger
...due to the influence of temperature or transport. It is not any longer necessary to transport urine
...liquid as infectious transport good. The transportation costs are minimized, because slides only are

That means that
CellPrint opens the way for more, better and time saving urine cytology.
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