CellPrint, an economical contribution to the thin-layer liquid-base cytology
in the cervical cancer screening

Cerical cancer screening causes high costs for the healthcare systems, especially when using expensive preparation and screening methods.

CellPrint offers for the thin-layer preparation remarkable economical advantages compared to the machine-based processes.

The CellPrint method…

uses an instrument, in which the sample material gets rinsed off the sample taking instrument
...(brush, spatula), the cells get collected and concentrated by filtration and with which the cells are
...deposed onto the slide in thin layer. The printing produces round deposits of 8 mmØ.
does not need any investment into equipment and related maintenance and repair costs, because
...the instrument is a consumable.
is simple to handle and does not need costly training.
allows in addition to the morphological diagnosis the separation of sample material for
...complementary HPV-tests on DNA- or mRNA-basis.
processes in one procedure all cell material and deposes it on the slide. Compared to the
...machine-based methods no liquid sample material has to be stored for later examinations and no
...additional preparation. Therefore remarkable savings are possible.

Provides preparations which fulfill the today’s high requirements of the cytology.

CellPrint is an economical alternative to the machine-based methods and therefore interesting for small, middle and big laboratories.
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