CellPrint, a system for the collection, concentration and thin-layer
preparation of cells from body liquids and lavages

A good and reliable cytology needs good cell preparations.

The classic smears show in many cases cell overlapping or the covering of the cells by surrounding material. This leads to losses of malign cells for the diagnosis.

The cleanest preparations are produced by the thin-layer preparation method which is proven in the cervical cancer screening since several years. The thin-layer preparation is a liquid-based method (known also as LB cytology), at which the sample material gets rinsed from the sample taking instrument by a liquid in which the mucus and other surrounding material are removed. After this step the cells are filtered or centrifuged and deposed on a slide. Most of the LB-methods are machine-based processes, which cause investments in equipment, cost for its maintenance and repair and costs for special consumables. Some methods demand additional training. The processes are also applicable for ex-gynecological sample materials, sometimes with additional effort.

CellPrint is a LB-method, and it is an economical and simple alternative to the machine-based processes. Its preparation quality is at least equal to the mechanical systems. CellPrint has the advantage that it is easy in handling and all steps from the cell collection by filtration to the deposition of the cells by printing onto the slide are done with a little instrument in a few minutes. CellPrint does not require any equipment investment, as the instrument is an economical one-way article, whereby contamination can be avoided. CellPrint is applicable for all cell materials which are contained in liquids, body liquids, lavages and rinsing liquids with which cells are gained from sample taking instruments like brushes or puncture instruments.

CellPrint is a patented process which has proven its capability for preparation of thin-layers with high quality in several thousand applications with a large scope of different sample materials in the cervical cancer screening, urine cytology and the general cyto-pathology with FNAB and lavages.

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