CellPrint thin-layer preparations simplify and improve the FNAB-cytology

FNAB-cytology is confronted with following problems:
FNAB-samples contain very often only a little cell material.
Not all cell material which is taken by puncture can be used for the diagnosis because a part of it
...remains in the puncture instrument

As a liquid-based preparation method CellPrint offers the following advantages:

With the CellPrint method nearly all cell material can be gained from the liquid. Therefore the remaining cell material can be collected by rinsing the puncture instrument.
The following statement of an expert describes the features of CellPrint the best:

CellPrint-preparations of FNAB provide advantages for the daily clinical practice:
...When clinicians need a prompt answer with regard to the general quality, representativeness and
...diagnostic quality of a sample (CT or punctures during an operation) we as pathologists have to
...provide quick answers.
...This is easily possible by collecting well-preserved cell of high quality and investigation of the
...“prints” after a quick staining with CellPrint-Quick-Stain immediately after the puncture “on site”.
...This saves time and money for the healthcare system and the patients.
...We use this method for all CT- or MRI-guided and intra-operative intervention.
Normally FNAB provide only a few good smears/punctures, which makes the immune-cyto-
...chemistry difficult. With the CellPrint-system we can gain 5-10 slides with 3 “prints” each. This
...“serial cytological smears” (analog to the serial histological cuts) are easily usable for the
A further advantage is that the cells do not need a special pre-treatment before the immune
...staining, because the disturbing background is removed by the filtration process.
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