CellPrint, a preserving method for the cell collection and preparation for the cytology of CSF

Cerebro-spinal Fluid (CSF) shows very often a low cell concentration. Therefore a very efficient cell collection method is required.

The CellPrint-CSF-system fulfills this demand. It is designed especially for the preserving handling of sensitive cells.

The collection and preparation of CSF material with CellPrint

The collection and preparation of CSF material with CellPrint

does not require any pre-treatment of the sample material,
takes place in a wet environment and avoids dry artefacts,
assures a preserving treatment of the cells without mechanical loads and avoids cell damages,
gains nearly all cell material out of the sample,
needs about 6-8 minutes, depending on the volume and viscosity of the liquid,
uses a one-way instrument and avoids contamination,
causes little costs only,
does not require any changes in the lab with regard to the standard methods for fixation and

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