The entrepreneurial aim

On the basis of an excellent science the medical development opens application fields which not long ago have been considered unattainable. This is only achievable with high effort and costs. Often the outcome of the medical research results in expensive techniques, the introduction and application of which provide advantages for the patients but big cost increase for the healthcare systems. Therefore savings are necessary where simplification is possible without loss of quality.

With our CellPrint system we can provide remarkable advantages compared to several machine-based preparation methods by achieving today’s high quality standards of cytological preparations.
We are convinced that with our simple and inexpensive system we can contribute to the cost reduction in healthcare as well as in doctors’ offices and laboratories. We achieve this by our cost-effective CellPrint-method and a slim organization.

The cost pressure in the healthcare systems around the world will force a change in thinking in some medical areas. We have taken this into account while developing our product and we see a good future potential for the CellPrint system. Our entrepreneurial endeavors aim at a business with economical success at fair prices.
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